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Management System
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ISO 14001:2015

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Flux cored solder wire

Good wettability Halogen free standard compliant type EYP series EYP series

Correspond to LASER soldering

Suitable materials for rapid heating by LASER.Sufficient wettability even at low output, and reduces heat damage to the mounted components.

Good workability for flame base material

●Wettability test by light beam to Ni

Ensures good wettability even at low output
Beam power:22W
Wire diameter:φ0.8mm Preheat:0.2s
Feed:5mm/s, 1.0s
Pad:Ni, 3mm■

Halogen-free compliant

No intentional addition of chlorine(Cl) and bromine(Br), Which causes dioxins.Compliant with most of halogen-free standards.

Halogen-free compliant

●Compliant situation of EYP series

Standards Compliant situation
JPCA-ES01 Compliant
IEC61249-2-21 Compliant
IPC4101B Compliant
JEITA ET-7304A Non compliant
Comply to major halogen-free standards

Very few spattering

Apply suitable flux base material for higher melting point alloy.Very few flux spattering can achieve high performance soldering.

Very few spattering

●Flux spattering test by using soldering iron robot

Reduce flux spattering

Collect spattered flux onto thermal paper.

Iron temp:380℃
Feed speed:15mm/s
Feed length:5mm×200 shots

Alloy type J3 (Sn:Bal / Ag 3.0 / Cu 0.5)
Flux type Halogen-free type
Flux contents (%) 3.0%、4.0%、6.0%
Halide contents 0.1%~0.6%
Copper plate corrosion test No corrosion
Insulation resistance(Ω) More than 1.0×107Ω
Electrochemical migration No migration
Halogen contents(ppm) Cl : Less than 50
Br : Less than 100
Flux name EYP