Ishikawa Metal Co. Ltd is Lead-free solder manufactuer and sales in Helmond

Management System
ISO 9001:2015 
ISO 14001:2015

Marshallstraat 18c, 5705 CN Helmond

Flux cored solder wire

Residue crack preventing type DDL series

Prevent residue crack

The flexible residues prevent cracking due to thermal shock and vibration. Omitting the step of applying coating material leads cost reduction.

Prevent residue cracking No need coating material

●Thermal shock test

High reliability, no crack, no peeling
after 1000 heat cycle test.
【Condition】 -30℃~110℃ 30min 1000cycles

Joint develpment with DENSO

Full cooperation with Autmotive electrical equipment specialists in specification development and product evaluation.Coexistance at a high level about reliability and workability.

Good wettability

●Wettability test by using soldering robot.

Also capable for high difficulty components such as deep through-hole.
Iron mode:Line soldering
Iron temp:350℃
Iron speed:10mm/s

Capable in various soldering methods

Hand soldering, Iron robot, LASER, etc., Can use in various soldering methods.We can support wide range of diversified components.

Capable for Beam Heating

●Wettability test for connector by using light beam

Capable for rapid heating by light, stable wettability.

Cu Pad,One side
Beam power:40W

Alloy type J3 (Sn:Bal / Ag 3.0 / Cu 0.5)
Flux type JIS-AA
Flux contents (%) 3.0%、4.0%
Halide contents 0.06%~0.10%
Copper plate corrosion test No corrosion
Copper mirror corrosion No corrosion
Insulation resistance(Ω) More than 1.0×109Ω
Electrochemical migration No migration
Flux name DDL