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Management System
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ISO 14001:2015

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Solder bar・Solder wire

For aluminum soldering type K4S

Prevent galvanic corrosion

Additive elements achieve high soldering reliability and prevent the galvanic corrosion that occurs between the aluminum material and solder.

High soldering reliability

●Electrolytic corrosion test

High corrosion life and soldering reliability
Measure the time until the solder delamination occurs, stored in 40℃ of artificial seawater, after soldering the two aluminum plates.

High working stability

Suppress the generating of dross, which particularly problematic in the terminal treatment of aluminum wier.Reduce the number of the replacement of solder bath,to ensure the work efficiency.

Reduce of dross

●Soldering mass production test

Long time stable soldering
Bath temp:400℃

Progressive application

Enables to solder to aluminum wire, which was impossible in the past, and to allow for the introduction of aluminum wire in wide range of applications.

Progressive application


Alloy typeK4 (Sn:Bal / Ag 3.5 / Ni 0.2)
Solidus temperature(℃)220
Liquidus temperature(℃)348
Tensile strength(MPa)43.3
Vickers hardness16.4
Electrical Specific Resistance(µΩm)0.153