Ishikawa Metal Co. Ltd is Lead-free solder manufactuer and sales in Helmond

Management System
ISO 9001:2015 
ISO 14001:2015

Marshallstraat 18c, 5705 CN Helmond

Solder paste (bottle)

Completely halogen free type 7100 series

Long lasting printing stability

Prevents the reaction of the flux and powder, in order to prevent the viscosity increasement during continuous printing.Enable to implement stability.

Good stability on continuous printing

●Confirmation of the shape of the printed solder paste

Stable shape after long time printing

Completely halogen-free

No halogen addition including Chlorine(Cl) and bromine(Br).Halogen-free compliant with curent all halogen-free standards.

Halogen-free compliant

●Compliant situation of 7100 series

Standards Compliant situation
JPCA-ES01 Compliant
IEC61249-2-21 Compliant
IPC4101B Compliant
JEITA ET-7304A Compliant
Comply to all of halogen free standards

Reduce void

Adding material which facilitated that the gas in the molten solder comes out, it may reduce the remaining of voids.

Reduce void

●Confimation of voids in large parts

Less void in large parts
Pre heat:180℃,120 seconds
Component:6mm■ parts

Alloy type J3 (Sn:Bal / Ag 3.0 / Cu 0.5)
Flux type Halogen free
Halide contents 0%
Powder particle size(μm) 38~20(Type 4)
Flux contents(%) 11.5%
Deterioration(Pa・S) 180
Copper plate corrosion test No corrosion
Copper mirror corrosion No corrosion
Insulation resistance(Ω) More than 1.0×108Ω
Electrochemical migration No migration
Halogen contents(ppm) Cl : Less than 50
Br : Less than 100
Flux name 7100