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Management System
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Solder paste (bottle)

Low melting point halogen free standard compliant type 7610 series

Applied with low melting point alloy

Special designed for SMT of heat-sensitive parts.Solution for non-heat resistant parts soldering.

Good wettability

●Good wettability at low temperature heating

Component:1005 chip
Profile:See the right graph

Halogen-free compliant

No intentional addition of chlorine(Cl) and bromine(Br), which genelate dioxins.Compliant with most of halogen-free standards.

Halogen-free compliant

●Compliant situation of 7610 series

StandardsCompliant situation
JEITA ET-7304ANon Compliant

Comply to all of halogen free standards

Applicable for low temperature reflow

Good wettability at even 160℃.Prevents joint failure and enhances reliability.

Compliant for low temperature reflow

●Reflow profile example

Sufficient wettability at a peak temperature of 160℃

Alloy typeF7 (Sn:Bal / Bi 58)
Flux typeHalogen free
Halide contentsLess than 0.01%
Powder particle size(μm)45~25(Type 3)
Flux contents(%)9.5%
Copper plate corrosion testNo corrosion
Copper mirror corrosionNo corrosion
Insulation resistance(Ω)More than 1.0×108Ω
Electrochemical migrationNo migration
Halogen contents(ppm)Cl : Less than 50
Br : Less than 100
Flux name7610