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Flux cored solder wire

Flux cored solder wire for flame base material STECHRON series

Strong wettability

Use fluorine-based special activator. Strong activation produce good workability for flame base material such as nickel and brass.

Good workability for flame base material

●Wettability test for nickel and brass.

【Condition】Hot plate temp:270℃


Suppress the corrosion to secure the reliability after soldering. Cleaning of flux residue is not required. Can you like usual flux cored solder wire.


●Copper plate corrosion test

Strong activity and low corrosivity stand side by side

Solderable to stainless steel

Possible with robot soldering and hand soldering by iron, even for stainless steel parts, which is difficult to solder.

Also solderable to stainless

●Wettability test for stainless steel plate

Alloy typeSn45-Pb
Flux typeFluorine type
Flux contents(%)3%
Halide contents(%)0.1%~0.4%
Copper plate corrosionNo corrosion
Insulation resistance(Ω)more than 1.0×107Ω
Electrochemical migrationNo migration