Ishikawa Metal Co. Ltd is Lead-free solder manufactuer and sales in Helmond

Management System
ISO 9001:2015 
ISO 14001:2015

Marshallstraat 18c, 5705 CN Helmond

Solder paste (syringe)

Dispensing type for LASER BH63J3229G

For dispensing,LASER Equivalent to JIS-AA,MIL-RMA

Special activator enables rapid heating SMT by LASER
Solution of solder ball by reducing slumps in heat.

Reduce solder ball

●Comparison of solder ball by optical beam

No solder ball by rapid heating
1608R Chip
Beam power:30W

Alloy typeSn63-Pb
Halide contents(%)0.08%
Powder particle size(μm)45~25(Type3)
Flux contents(%)12.0%
Copper plate corrosionNo corrosion
Copper mirror corrosionNo corrosion
Insulation resistance(Ω)more than 5.0×108Ω
Electrochemical migrationNo migration
Flux name3229